Welcome to Aryavrat International Institute of Yoga (AIIY)

This organization extensively works in the sphere of Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy. We are actively engaged in awareness programs, preventive health therapies, and integrated management of chronic diseases. Under the proficient supervision of our team, we conduct Yoga workshops, retreats, and yoga training programs at national and international levels. Our core functions also include naturopathic home remedies, nutritional consultation with diet plans, and imparting the knowledge about herbs and their exceptional benefits for health.


Good Health Nature-cure

Back ground of Treatment:
A holistic research based yoga techniques, a scientific approach towards healthier and happier life to assist, resists, and supports your own movements through- balance-harmony & awareness as a tool for transformation.
This treatment provides in deeply focus on Asanas (physical postures), Pranayamas (a systematic process of breathing tech), Kriyas, mudras & bandhas (cleansing tech, muscular locks & gestures), and meditation techniques, fitness techniques etc,
practices as well as theory of physiological-scientific applications of each & every technique which gives you the deeper and the proper knowledge as well as full detoxification by Nature-cure/ Herbal, Ayurvedic as well as other alternative therapies for over all personality development and growth of higher levels of consciousness.


Dr. Sanjay Kumar
Acquired authentic knowledge of Yoga & spirituality under the guidance of Pramhamsa Swami NiranjanandaSaraswati from Bihar
School of Yoga Munger and completed Ph.D. (Yoga & Neurophysiology) under the guidance of Dr. H.R. Nagendra (NASA-to-VYASA) & Dr. Shirley Telles at SVYASA Bangalore. Worked as an Asst. Professor at S-VYASA, trained many Yoga Therapists/Instructors/Trainers, Worked as a Research Associate at PatanjaliYogpeethHaridwar, also Worked as a Senior Yoga Officer
at Jindal Nature cure Institute Bangalore. Guided Masters & Ph.D, Yoga students, published more than 8 research papers in National
& International Indexed Journals.Served at many places India & Abroad as a yogi, researcher, philosopher, guide and mentor.



Mr. Shiv Singh Rathore
Acquired authentic knowledge of Yoga, Spirituality (Vedic vangmaya), Naturopath completed M. Sc in Naturopath & Yogic sciences from MDSU-Svyasa Ajmer, as well as Tour & Travels form different part of the Globe, Gained diploma in Spanish & Portuges languages and acquired 20 years of enough experience in Hospitality Industries (Hotels, travel agencies & Spinish, Portuges Tour Escort). Mr. Shiv also have good knowledge of Iyengar Yoga, Astanga Vinyasa, Sujok as wel as Pranic healing therapies.