Since 5000 years, Yoga has been enchanting the humanity with its infinite potential and its superlative effects. It is a practice engaging mind and body through meditative postures with an ultimate goal to achieve self awareness. In fact, it is the most valued inheritance of past to realize the pleasures of today and shape the culture of tomorrow. When incorporated deeply into your daily routine, it enlightens the right path of living.

Yoga attunes the practitioner with an inner self by removing the distractions. It evolves a person emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. In a world divided by faiths and thoughts, yoga comes forth as a uniting force. Contrary to common beliefs, it is not attributed to Hinduism or any other religion. Yoga is a comprehensive term encompassing the truest philosophy of life and amazing practices leading to attainment in this direction. It combines the personal self with the interpersonal self by controlling passion, purity, and ignorance.

Yoga is a vast science which is actually known as an art by some practitioners. Such is the beauty of this practice that it attains the form that suits the yogis. It has varied systems and each of them is unique in its own ways. Some people perform yoga for fitness while others seek a spiritual sojourn through it. Yoga can bring mental stability and emotional strength. It all depends on the ways of practicing. However, the ultimate goal of Yoga is to remove the barriers of mind and soul for self-realization.

This astounding science encompasses the quintessence of life in its varied systems including Bhakti yoga or the devotional path, Gyan Yoga or the path of knowledge and philosophy, Karma Yoga or the path of action, and Raja Yoga or the path of control.

The most significant and primordial inscription of Yoga was created by the revered Indian Sage Maharishi Patanjali in the form of Yoga Sutras. In this book, he propagated the eight limbs or Ashtanga Yoga for the overall well being of a practitioner. He described Yoga as a consistent process of controlling the mind and its awareness.

Swami Vivekananda described yoga as a systematic practice that accelerates the overall growth of a human being in entirety. It takes the practitioner to the highest echelons of self-realization. As per the original beliefs, it ultimately leads to the path of evolution correlating an individual, society, and transmigration activities.

Historically, Yoga is deeply rooted in the primeval existence of Indian civilization. It was believed to be developed as a tantric civilization that is more than ten thousand years old. Archaeological evidence found in Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa propounds the fact that ancient Indian saints and sages created this science of discipline and dedication for self-attainment. They interpreted its complexities in a rational manner through a scientific and pragmatic approach making it accessible for every human being.

Worldwide, Yoga has established itself as a way of life. Every practitioner has a distinctive reason to practice it. It brings serenity to a restless mind, heals the sufferers, and sets free those who are bound by their inner restraints. It has become integral to education and healthcare in most parts of the world. In the contemporary times, yoga is getting more popular for its therapeutic effects rather than any other benefit. When psychiatric and psychosomatic problems have become a serious challenge for the modern medicine system, Yoga comes as a respite for such patients. It is making a vital contribution to the modern healthcare system with its extensive practices.

Activities at International Yoga Therapy Alliance For International Yoga Courses:

Yoga International: It is a teacher’s training module for Registered Yoga Therapist. The duration of this course will be 200 hours.

Yoga Instructor’s Course (National): This is a national level course for yoga teaching methodology. It will run on a regular basis for 2 months. For weekend classes, duration of this course will be 6 months.

Therapeutic Yoga: This includes evidence-based Yoga therapies for specific diseases like Anxiety- Depression (mood disorders), Asthma, Diabetes, Arthritis, Back pain, Knee pain, Spondylosis (neck pain), Eye care, Hypertension, Irritable bowel syndrome, Menstrual disorders, White discharge, Thyroid, Obesity, Paralysis & Muscular dystrophy etc.

Regular Yoga Classes for the Residents:
 Yoga Classes (General Fitness)
 Yoga Teacher Training Courses National
 Yoga Alliance RYT 200 International
 Basic Yoga for beginners 50 hours
 Yoga Therapist Training Courses 200 hours
 Yoga Therapy Treatment
 Retreats for one or two days
 Meditation
 Pranayama

Mission: At AIIY, we strive to provide a comprehensive research-based health management program. This program will facilitate a scientific and holistic approach towards the attainment of a healthier and happier life with help from our friends at Our studies are entangled around the principles of Balance, Harmony, and Awareness leading to an exploration of a new world through a practice of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Therapeutic Yoga
Yoga has emerged as a potential therapy for many diseases that are still not curable under the modern medicine system. We offer evidence-based and disease-specific yoga therapies for common ailments like diabetes, back pain, arthritis, asthma, obesity, Knee pain, Hypertension, Irritable bowel syndrome, Menstrual disorders, White discharge, Thyroid, etc. We believe in adopting a holistic approach by combining simple, safe, and practical techniques of yoga.

Healing by yoga and meditation is more effective when closely attuned to the tranquility of nature. Hence, we have created a poised ambiance for enhancing the efficacy of these therapies. Many scientific research and studies conducted over the past one decade have highlighted the practicality and efficiency of Yoga in dealing with serious chronic ailments through longer rehabilitation.

We have combined the scientifically proven yoga therapies with traditional practices propounded by the Gurus. They are offered under the consultation of qualified and experienced therapists. These techniques are designed as a special yoga session promoting wellness through various yogic disciplines and systems aimed at restoration of your balance and inner harmony.

Yoga serves as an instrument to measure the composition of a human body for determination of its nutritional status, HRV, and fluid monitoring.

It has been proven by research that six days program of residential integrated yoga and diet change can produce surprising results. It can result into a reduced BMI, decreased levels of serum Leptin, reduction of fat mass and waist & hip circumferences. It can also enhance the posture stability of the obese persons.

It refers to a severe pain and inflammation of joints. Recent studies have suggested that yoga can help to reduce this pain by improving the flexibility of joints and removing the toxins from the body. Practices of yoga improve the strength of joints, harmonize the prana, and enhance the mobility of joints. Researchers have found that a weekly yoga program can be highly effective, safe, and feasible for older women suffering from osteoarthritis of knees. It has a proactive approach for controlling the rheumatoid and improving the functions
of joints.

This chronic respiratory disease is spreading like a wildfire across the world. Yoga has presented startling evidence of its efficiency to cure bronchial asthma by improving the pulmonary functions. It helps to downsize the intake of medications and improves the quality of life with regular practice under an expert supervision.

Diabetes Mellitus:
It is imperative to adopt a holistic approach to impede the growth of diabetes through a holistic modification of lifestyle by imbibing yogic practices. We provide an extensive approach combining traditional methods with technological tools to prevent and control diabetes. Yoga provides exceptional preventive measures for diabetes through lifestyle modifications. In a recent study, it was revealed that an integrated yoga therapy can improve autonomic functions for helping patients suffering from type II diabetes.

It should be noted that yoga practices without proper supervision can pose certain side effects. But an integrated approach of Yoga and Ayurvedic therapies with an expert guidance can have an outstanding effect for curing chronic diseases.